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who are interested in applying for online games Or to test other systems that are not breaking the law in addition to this random number software for ID cards It is the result of computations performed by an automated system. It is not associated with any person and is not the arbitrary identification card number of another person who truly does exist Therefore, you no longer need to be concerned about this issue. and even if the random number of the card number comes out, it can be used to apply for membership in online games for real because many people have issues with not being able to enter the system or there is a notification that says you have already applied for membership and want to open a new user account. This is the case even if the random number of the card number comes out. Can instead utilize this service that generates random numbers to solve problems here. It is recommended that you read: there is an online lottery, and lucky numbers can be found in Khon Kaen. Link, continue reading, and click!

Tips for playing games if you are utilizing the random number 13 software

A few examples of websites that provide access to online games The number is frequently verified to determine whether or not it has been spoofed by a third party. Perhaps you just want to check your identity By following up and inquiring about the code that was hidden inside the ID card at a later time, another case was found. You may not be able to save the code or card number that you enter if you play some games or use some computers or if you use the service of an Internet cafe. This is because cleaning the machine and changing the browser will cause the card number information to disappear immediately. After the number 13 has been arbitrarily selected, how can we find a solution to the problem? Put a note about it in the memo app on your smartphone. or you may write it down and forget about it right away. in order to save you the trouble of having to use the program that generates random ID card numbers again.

The interpretation of each of the 13 digits.

The first digit is a reference to the following eight categories of people:

A person who fits the criteria for Type 1 is one who was born in Thailand and holds Thai citizenship. was born between 1 January 1984 and the present

A person who falls into type 2 is one who was born in Thailand and holds Thai nationality. Born on or after the first of January in 1984

People whose names were included in the house registration in the early days, or before May 31, 1984, fall into the third category. This category includes both Thais and non-Thais.

People who are neither Thai nor foreign make up Type 4. that in the early days did not have a number for an identification card Although the transfer was not reported, a request to relocate to a different district was made before May 31, 1984.

The fifth scenario involves polling Thai people who are actually alive today. However, the household registration did not initially include his name; it was afterwards added.

A person who has arrived to live in Thailand but has not yet obtained Thai nationality is classified as Type 6. unlawful immigration, such as members of ethnic minorities or hill tribes

A person of type 7 is the offspring of a person of type 6 who was born in Thailand.

An illegal immigrant is classified as a Type 8 visitor to Thailand. and has been granted Thai nationality through the process of naturalization

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2-through-5-digit range

indicates the code for the registration office, the second and third digits indicate the province, and the fourth and fifth digits indicate the district within that province.

6th to 10th digits of a number

identifies the category of person that must be determined in accordance with the first principle by the registry office in each jurisdiction. Arrange the information on the new baby’s birth certificate in the correct numerical order.

The 11th and 12th digits each refer to the serial number of the respective kind of individual. demonstrates the extent to which we are a part of that group of people.

digit thirteen

This refers to the numbers that are used to examine the correctness of the first 12 digits, and it is analogous to the personal code that is used to validate each individual’s information.

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How to verify the random number that is 13 digits long

When we have used the application that generates random ID card numbers This is how you may determine if the card number that was picked at random belongs to you or to someone else:

Generate a random number from 1 to 12 digits long, excluding the digits 0 and 9 from the first digit (for example, 843652963194)

Multiply each of the 12 numbers by themselves, starting with the whole number. The sum of the results is 459, for example: (8 x 13) plus (4 x 12) plus (3 x 11) plus (6 x 10) plus (5 x 9) plus (2 x 8) plus (9 x 7) plus (6 x 6) plus (3 x 5) plus (1 x 4) plus (9 x 3) plus (4 x 2)

After obtaining the 2-digit number by dividing the result by 11, for instance, 459 divided by 11 = 41, the digits were joined together to form the final number, which was 5.

Start with the number 11, then deduct the total of all 12 digits from that number. Example 11-5 = 6.

As a result, the final digit of the 13-digit number is the number 6, which equals 8436529631946.

PGSLOTAUTO will generate a card number with a random 13-digit sequence as the conclusion.

The GAME program is effective.

This service that generates random numbers with 13 digits is in no manner connected to the database that is used for civil registration in any way. It is a program that generates random ID card numbers through the use of computer calculations, without making any attempt to link these numbers in any way to the individuals who actually use these card numbers. Apply for membership right now through the homepage of the website or email information to the staff through LINE@, and you will be eligible to get bonuses that will allow you to play PGSLOT slot games for free around the clock.

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