Toss the Frenchie!

French roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and it is now possible to experience all of its elegance and excitement without ever leaving your living room. Get a seat at the table, get a drink, and get ready to wager. Although less common than its American and European cousins, French Roulette is a true classic of the casino world. In fact, it has two special rules that might lower the house edge even further, increasing the likelihood of a win.

Intro to French Roulette

French roulette is one of the simpler online roulette variants to pick up and play. The games in the online version progress much more quickly than in the land-based counterpart, giving you a greater possibility of winning more in a shorter amount of time. The object of this variation on Roulette is the same as that of the standard game: to place a wager on either a single number or on a range of numbers or colors. A Roulette wheel, a betting area on the table, and a little ball used in the wheel’s spin to determine winners. This tiny ball will determine whether you come out on top or not.


The Detailed French Roulette Bet Structure

Online French Roulette follows the standard layout of having an inner and outer betting portion. Because of this distinction, bets are classified as “Inside” or “Outside” based on their location on the table.


Wagers on whether the ball will fall into a red or black pocket, or an odd or even numbered pocket, are examples of Outside Bets. They provide payouts of 1:1 and odds of just about 50%.


The Inside Track is a grid with squares that correspond to the numbers on a roulette wheel. The location of your chip indicates the size of your stake. Put your chip in the middle of the corresponding square to wager on a single number, as in a Straight Bet. To make a Corner Bet, position your chip so that its edges meet those of four adjacent squares.


Announced Bets are those used exclusively in French online roulette. They’re complex, using a lot of separate chips to store all the relevant data. The term “announce” stems from the requirement to publicly declare one’s wager in traditional land-based games. Tiers du Cylindre includes the 12 numbers directly opposite the 0, while Voisons du Zéro includes the 0 and the 7 numbers on either side.


En Prison and La Partage

There are two additional restrictions unique to the French version of online roulette that further reduce the house edge. If you lose a La Partage bet on an Outside Bet paying even money, you get back half of your original bet. When an even-money bet loses, in the less popular En Prison variation, the wheel is spun again. If you’re successful this time, you’ll recoup your investment.


Enjoyable Roulette Gambling With Minimal Effort

If you’re comfortable with standard American Roulette, you’ll have no trouble transitioning to French Roulette. There are 37 rather than 38 containers, which reduces the House’s advantage to around 2.7% (from 5.6%). You may practice your Roulette technique and keep track of your bets with the help of this free game’s well-illuminated panels and payment table. Try out the refined game of French Roulette today.

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